We offer exclusive online concerts via Zoom for our customers, who order drinks and pastries for home delivery. In long-lasting challenging times, it is even more important to treat ourselves every now and then something special - and music is such a special treat.

Agile working requires strong and mature personalities. However, these people often face ethical dilemmas, since it is clients, who decide about project implementation. Even if developers dislike certain ways of implementation and leave bad projects, others will still do the required job, and thus ethical developers lose influence on a trend towards decreasing moral, increasing wages, and preference for young, less experienced, and "influenceable" people. Using Lighthof's Poll, Software Developers can harness crowd monitoring and they can coordinate better to flag questionable projects, practices, and trends.

Our accelerated and agile world requires agile gathering of user feedback, which is already done by providers of digital applications. However, most providers focus on maximising their own benefits, which reduces any exchange to a selected pool of users, who are attracted by a design tailored to their needs. It is therefore suggested to establish a new standard of agile gathering of open Crowd Feedback, Crowd Monitoring and Crowd Prediction when developing digital innovations and applying digital practices.

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