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That's how we imagined the Collective Garden (available only in German):

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How many hours a week would you spend on the Garden Project?

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How much can the monthly contribution be, for you to join?

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How important are sustainably produced groceries for you?

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Three ways to support us

1 Seed capital

We need seed capital of 100.000 Euros. What we need it for? Read the details here:

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2 Act as guarantor

To be resilient in times of crises, we need guarantors, who help us, if we don't know how to continue. You may deposit an amount of your choice (5-5000€) to an independent account, which we will only use, if we have proven liquidity problems.

3 Rent your land

Are you a cultivator with some land, which you could rent us favorable? We would love it!

If you can support us in one of the three ways named above, we grant you 10 years of unlimited access to our Collective Garden and a monthly package containing our very own harvest!

Join us and let the Collective Garden grow big!

Financing so far: 5000 Euros from The Garden Foundation