As Investor invest equity or resources directly into projects that are important to you. Bundling the Poll and the Box in one platform makes it possible for interested investors to better assess the risk of innovative projects. Projects that did not receive external support earlier, but are nevertheless relevant for the global society, may still be debated and financed here.

Successfulness of investments is the ultimate driver of reputation of purposes, talent, and expertise, in which time and patience might play a role.

The Fund opens various ways to contribute to short or long term innovations by means such as crowd sourcing, crowd funding, and crowd lending. It's the place where individual investors get empowered, by polling insights, to make informed investment decisions, at which independence of innovation funding is restored. Independence and flexibility of funding enables even those innovation activities that do not fit standard financing schemes, for example because of a public good nature or requiring global self-organization.

Here is a list of all currently active ideas, which wait for funding and support. Browsable based on your own profile information and preferences.

General donation

It is possible to generally donate into a common fund. Resources from this fund will be given for short-, mid-, and long-term projects, based on survey results. More information according to this, here.

Donate workforce and time

It is always possible to supply one's own strengths, which are actively introduced to idea owners and teams. Next to automated matching, you may find a list here.

After having finished your project, you may support others as a mentor. A list of mentors can be found here.

Donate resources or capacities

Free capacities, recycling of prototypes and old production equipment, or reports on successful or failed external projects are always welcome. A list of resources can be found here.

Investment options

List of investment options indicating previous funding and ownership and decision-making structure.