As Voter participate in surveys and thus contribute to the development of new products or research. Bring your observations into opinion polls making new innovations smarter, safer, and more sustainable. Your contribution also increases investment safety and helps to avoid development errors and information asymmetries.

Your contribution is valuable and therefore it gets rewarded either directly monetarily or through our LightCoin reputation system. The reputation system facilitates allocation of experts, users, observers, and explorers into relevant polls.

Furthermore, we apply an evaluation system that is designed in a way that rewards the provision of high quality data and minimizes biases arising e.g. through defense action, faked data, and majority or ingroup opinion.

Thus the Poll blends collective and artificial intelligence to be harnessed for the prediction on which innovations will be sustainable and worthy to follow-up. It's the place where crowd sensing, crowd monitoring, crowd certification, crowd ethics, predictive analysis, and pattern recognition takes place. The Poll applies latest behavioural insights to debias information aggregation, consequentially making market mechanisms and applied algorithms fairer. Polling methods are continuously challenged and will transparently be evolving on the Lighthof platform.

Assess an idea's time limits of realisation, feasibility, and success chances.

Participate in surveys, and thus collect LightCoins.

Or participate as guest user in surveys - we will indicate how many LightCoins you could have earned.

Browse questions

Here is a list of all currently ongoing surveys, browsable by relevance in accordance to the own profile information and preferences.

New questions may be posed by basically anyone. In most cases, polling services have a price depending on participation and extent.

Price list for polling services listed here.

Here is a list of completed surveys and insights.

Data Sharing - Open Data

Here is a list of common data, data collectives, Open Data, and insights of all this data.

It is possible to provide feedback to the data collection processes, and thus polling methods can continuously be developed.

IoT data

Here is a list of common IoT data and insights, like, for example, data from Arduino projects.

It is possible to provide feedback to the data collection processes, and thus these methods can continuously be developed.