Here you can track everything you did on Lighthof up to now.

  • Nick name

  • List of interests, references, projects, resources, mentorship, etc.

  • Match-making filter settings

  • Language settings

  • Control over Privacy

  • Control over Security and Data Sovereignty

  • Control over Behavioural Design

Interactions on the platform can be traded in LightCoins, in line with a transparent incentive mechanism. You may turn off the incetive mechanism, however, then we cannot calculate your LightCoins and some functions might not be available.

LightCoins represent your reputation on the platform, related to your time management.

LightCoins serve as a means to compare with others in rankings: Super-Innovators, Polling-Experts, Super-Mentors, Super-Investors

Activity in the Box

Idea manangement, team memberships, time management

Activity in the Poll

  • Open and ongoing reputation

  • List of self-initiated surveys

Activity in the Fund

Budget overview (LightCoins and real currency) sorted by date or successfulness