Your LightCoins


  • Demanding time quota of members

  • Use learning and counselling services (staggered, progressive settlement)

  • Use polling services (e.g. initiate a survey)

  • Donate others, who collect for initiating a survey

  • Use donations or investments


  • Finish a project within set time limits (staggered compensation, independent of success)

  • Bonus for project success

  • Explorative reports on external projects (independent of success)

  • Donate your workforce and time quota

  • Advise or teach

  • Do public engagement and knowledge transfer

  • Donate resources or capacities

  • Participate in surveys

  • Validated predictions (positive reputation in the Poll) (effective and rapid technology assessment for responsible projects)

  • Make donations or investments (even as "Former Receiver of Funding")

  • Make general donations (rated lower than donations or investments)

  • Pay membership fees to keep your status appear as "active"

  • Recommend the platform to new members

  • Guide non-members, guests, or "analog" (digitally not connected) members

LightCoins according to projects


  • Demanding time quota of members

  • Use polling services

  • Use donations or investments


  • Open until 20.5.2020

Progression of LightCoins

Depending on the purpose, the progression of LightCoins is shown: Super-Innovators, Polling-Experts, Super-Mentors, Super-Investors